About me

Hey there! I'm Paul Nica, a friendly geek with a knack for digital wizardry and love for creative fun. With a degree in Marketing, I've been on a rollercoaster ride through industries like Advertising, Digital Marketing, IT&S, and even the wild world of pizza!

From crafting killer campaigns at Invibes Advertising to spreading growth magic at Archbee (YC S21), I've worn many hats and rocked them all. Embarking on a whirlwind of global escapades, from sharing English knowledge in vibrant Vietnam to whipping up culinary delights stateside!

When I'm not busy serving the world one ad at a time, you'll find me doing Web Development or geeking out on some Rocket League.🚀

With skills sharper than a freshly sliced pizza, I'm ready to take on any mission with a smile.